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6 Habits Of Casino Winners

January 19, 2021

6 Habits Of Casino Winners

Sleeping well and eating healthy are things that apparently have nothing to do with winning live roulette malaysia , but that influence more than you imagine

Winning is a way of life. If you want to become a true winner in the betting world – and in everything you do – you must start by replacing some of your old and not so good habits with others that are common to winners. Don’t you know them? We leave them below:

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Sleep well When you sleep well, your brain is more active during the day, which allows you to easily retain information, think more clearly and have a greater capacity for analysis to make better decisions … This can be seen when making your movements in games of casino and in your sports bets .

Make an attempt to meet your 7-8 hours of sleep and ensure that they are uninterrupted, because when sleeping not only quantity is important, but also quality. So when the time comes, make yourself as comfortable as possible and listen to soothing music or even meditate for a good night’s sleep.

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Eat healthily

Eating balanced not only gives you the energy you need in your day to day, it also helps you acquire the necessary nutrients so that all the processes of your body are carried out properly.

Even when you are going to have a good time with your friends to watch a game, or if you are going to take a walk around the casino, make an effort not to abuse the snacks, sodas, alcoholic beverages and other junk foods that you find in the path. Your stomach will thank you tomorrow.

Drink all the water you need

Having a hydrated body helps oxygen reach the brain more easily and improves the functioning of your organs, mainly your kidneys and your digestive system, facilitating the elimination of waste substances and providing you with a feeling of well-being. Anyone with a winning attitude stays well hydrated.

Do not get confused! It’s also not about drinking water until you inches tall. Give your body the amount it asks for and, in case you don’t feel thirsty, try to drink around 6 glasses a day; Several studies have shown that it is not totally necessary that you drink more than two liters a day because you could retain fluids.


No, we are not trying to get you to get a gym membership, we are not trying to get you to do exhaustive routines. A simple daily walk, moving around your office more frequently, or even taking a tour of the casino, can go a long way. Three 10-minute walks on your office breaks a day can be the solution to your ailments.

Plan every move

Just as you should plan your poker plays and your different sports bets, try to make plans and strategies for other aspects of your life as well. For example, if you want a promotion or a raise at work, make a list of all the tasks or goals that you need to achieve first to achieve it. With a little effort and your goals clear, it will be a matter of time before you are where you want to be.

Take it easy

Remember that everything you read above is just tips that you can follow to have a better lifestyle and a winning attitude. However, it is not about following everything exactly to the letter. Every now and then you can take the day off, stay home or go for a walk, eat whatever you want, sleep late, and leave everything completely to chance.

Set limits

Everything, absolutely everything, is bad in excess. Just as you do with the money you spend on your bets , put a limit on what you allow yourself to do and not do. Make sure that you are the best version of yourself with others and also strive to make the best decisions for yourself, without leaving the fun aside.

5 tips to overcome a losing streak

December 8, 2020

A good attitude and a change in strategy can be the solution to put an end to your bad luck and even to create greater chances of winning a prize

You know it perfectly: the main objective of betting and games of chance is that you have fun. If you are having a hard time because you feel unfortunate and believe that the universe is conspiring against you, do not panic.

Positive attitude

Sometimes what they say that bad vibes attract more bad vibes, it seems real. If since you start betting you go with the mentality that you are only going to lose instead of enjoying the moment, it is most likely that when you fail (because at some point you will, that’s how gambling is ) you will feel like a kick on the shin and probably attract bad luck. Our advice is that when you decide to play and bet , do it with a good attitude. Who knows? Gum and paste and your positivism attracts good fortune.

Change your strategy

Don’t expect different results if you make the same decisions over and over again. If the strategy you are putting into practice in the game you are in is simply not working, try something completely different! Make bets you haven’t made before and dare to bluff . Just remember to stick to your budget so you don’t go through any uncomfortable experiences.

He who gets angry loses

Believe it or not, being in a bad mood can increase your chances of losing. Not because the game or the dealer detects your mood or anything like that, but because people often make bad decisions when they are angry. If things are not going the way you expected in your bets , don’t make a storm in a glass of water. Take deep breaths and exhale repeatedly until you feel better and can think with a cool head. But if the annoyance from your losing streak doesn’t go away, we recommend that you take a break until you feel better.

Choose another game

Now if you are doing super badly at a gaming table and you don’t see when your forecast will improve, don’t try any more! Skip that game while you have the dignity and budget left to keep gambling , and pick one that’s totally different. So if you are at a blackjack table , do not leave there to go to another blackjack table and instead choose games like craps or roulette . Maybe a change of scenery is all you need to clear your mind and allow good luck to return to you.

Take a break

In case none of the above tips work, taking a break may be the best decision. You should know that bad luck is not eternal and that bad streaks do not usually last more than a couple of games, less if you let them have a good time between them. So if you have a bad streak while betting, it will be enough for you to leave the game, dedicate time to any other activity so that later, when a couple of hours or days have passed, you will return to test your luck again, while having fun .